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Tending our wild roots

body and soul centered therapy

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 147306
 at Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health
Somatic, Expressive Arts and Depth Psychotherapy 


Meet Shannon Knorr

Shannon has been a somatic educator, movement, wellness coach and facilitator for twenty years. After helping people with chronic pain while healing from injuries and illness, she realized that teaching about functional movement was of course helpful, but, the pain and postures of the body were just the symptoms of the underlying causes of many times unaddressed trauma with emotional and spiritual roots that need tending to. Following her own roots back as she recovered from her own spiritual and health crisis recovering from unprocessed trauma and her journey with cancer, Shannon began uncovering deep underlying core beliefs as she explored her own intergenerational and personal traumas and began to rewrite the stories that she inherited. 

Shannon believes in the innate wisdom of the body and that we all have access to this primal intuition and instinct and that the body ultimately longs and knows how to heal itself.  We are a part of the living natural world and reclaiming ourselves, our bodies and our belonging is the first step to healing. The body is the terrain we will navigate together, the body not just a vehicle for our soul, but our bodies are expressions of our soul. Shannon believes in this place of sensation, memory and flesh, here we meet what lies beneath, the depths of our beings, so that we can begin to unravel our conditioning while  returning and coming home to self, remembrance of who we truly are so that we can express, connect and relate from this deeper place of knowing, changing how we relate to others, our lives and ourselves. 

Shannon uses a holistic and body centered approach of therapy, which is client centered and collaborative, she follows your lead and honors your innate knowing while deeply listening to what needs tending to in body, heart, mind and soul.

Shannon graduated in 2023 with MA in Somatic Psychotherapy. She is a Hakomi Level 2 Graduate, has a BA in Dance/Movement Therapy, and a Tamalpa LifeART Level 2 Graduate. She is an AMFT at  Axis Mundi under supervision of Elysha Martinez LMFT #93493. She has experience with  and continues to study...

  • Body Centered and Somatic Therapies

  • Hakomi

  • Expressive Arts/Tamalpa LifeArt Practitioner 

  • Polyvagal Theory and Psoas Integration 

  • Deep Ecology/Eco-Psychology 

  • Intergenerational Trauma and Ancestral Healing

  • Trauma Recovery and Trauma Healing

  • Plant Spirit Medicine and Herbalism

  • Depth Psychology and Dream Tending

  • Rites of Passage, Ritual and Ceremony

  • Soul Tending and Spiritual Psychology 

  • Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga

  • Shadow-work and Jungian Psychology 

  • Internal Family Systems and Parts Therapy 

To learn more about Hakomi Depth Somatic Therapy that Shannon practices and utilizes, please check out the Hakomi Institute Website at

Body and Soul Centered Therapy
Meet Shannon

Why Body Centered Therapy?

It can help with

Underwater Photographer in School of Fish
Vasculature of the Heart
Movement Changes your Brain

Rewire neural patterns and move out of habituated patterns of relating, thinking, behaving, postures and gestures, while addressing deep core beliefs, which are often unconscious 

Stress and Trauma are Housed in the Body

Talking about stress and trauma often stresses and re-traumatizes the system, body centered therapies follow the lead of the body while helping to heal and recover from stress and trauma

Stress, Emotions and Thoughts Affect our Body

All of the above can have drastic physiological affects on the body, and can be addressed through the body not just the mind

Deeper Authentic Connections 
Happy Friends Laughing

Our bodies are with us from day one and building a relationship with our body can help us foster deeper intimacy and relationships to others. Most of us long for connection, and this begins with how we relate to ourselves and our own body. Returning to self, and learning that we don't have to be anything, except ourselves. Remembrance of deep knowing that our selves are also deeply woven and linked to the greater world around us. We find ourselves first and then weave ourselves back into this web of life

Sensory Awareness

Sensations are the language of the body, re-learning this language is key to gaining self agency. The body and soul speaks in images, sensations, emotions, words, rhythm, memory, dreams and archetypes 

Body Intelligence 

Our body has its own intelligence which is quite different than the mind's. The body holds wisdom and answers to many of the questions that we hold. The mind thinks yet the body knows

Why Body Centered Therapy


Working with Shannon, she blends modalities in the sessions which then combines for a perfect combination for what my body and mind need that day. Her sessions are a wonderful mind and body experience. She is intuitive and her knowledge and experience of understanding the body is evident. I feel fully seen, listened to, attuned with and connected. I often leave our sessions with a renewed sense of self with deeper embodied insights.

Specializing in Working With
Self Esteem and Worth
     Trauma Healing
     Body Image
     Disordered Eating and Relationship to Body
     Shame, Body and Sex Shame
     Relationships and Boundaries
     Anxiety, Stress and Hypervigilance
     Nervous System Imbalances
     Life Transitions and Identity 
     Honoring Grief, Loss and Death
     Life Threatening Illness, Cancer, Auto-Immune
     Rites of Passage, Aging and Menopause
     Women's Empowerment
     Mothering and the Mother Wound
     Highly Sensitive People and Empaths
     People Pleasers & Appeasement as a Trauma Response
Intergenerational Trauma and Ancestral Healing


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