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Honoring the Menopause Journey, an Online Somatic Therapy and Expressive Arts Course for Navigating Menopause with Grace

Our Online Course is designed to provide women with the support they need to navigate the transformative rite of passage that is menopause. Our course honors the changes, death and rebirth cycles of regenerative grief while connecting to our soul's purpose that come with this stage of life, allowing participants to realign with their true selves. Through the lens of somatic therapy, Hakomi, mindfulness, expressive arts, community building and sharing, honoring  both the body and soul, our community of women shares in the journey of menopause together through art, writing, movement, somatic and creative process.

6 Week Online Course, Mondays 6-8pm PST, April 1st-May 6th 2024

Each week we explore a different layer of this individuation process and the rite of passage of Menopause. We explore online through expressive arts, writing, dialogue, movement, mindfulness and somatic depth explorations. You will also receive two yoga sessions to be practiced throughout the course specifically designed for hormonal balance and menopause.

Exploring the transition and changes of the menopause experience through a Hakomi Somatic Therapy lens. Hakomi is a Somatic Therapy Method of guided self study and exploration with focus on somatic and embodied mindfulness exploring core beliefs and material which affect our perceptions of reality in all aspects of our lives. In short, we explore ourselves, our conditioning and patterned responses and reactions, so that we may have more insight and ability to change. The paradox in somatic work, is often we want to change something by fixing or getting rid of something, but in order to really change something, we must fully get to know it first. "When I accept myself just as I am, then I can change," Carl Rogers. 

Somatic Therapy Methods are different than traditional therapies, as the brain changes through experience, not just through refection and gaining insight. In Hakomi we learn more about parts of ourselves that we may have denied so that we as a whole can become more integrated and truly who we are. We can begin to explore new neural pathways as we explore new experiences within ourselves. 

Module 1

Remembrance and Reclamation of our True Essence, Intuitive Body and Menopause as Spiral of Nature, Body as Soul Mate

Module 2

Deconstructing and Dismantling Beliefs and Internalized Systems, Rewriting Our Own Mythic Journey, Entering into the Second Half of Life

Module 3

Coming into Right Relationship with Body, Self and the Greater World, What is our Souls Calling?

Module 4

Unraveling, Honoring Love, Grief, and Rage the un-woken Dreams, Connecting to Inner Child

Module 5

Death, Rebirth and Renewal, The Necessary Darkness Before Birth, Uncertainty and Being in the Mysterious Void

Module 6

The Sacred Portal of Transformation, Alchemizing the Wound, Our own Unique Medicine and Magic

This 6 week course is $300, which includes 6 live online weekly zoom sessions, weekly homework (optional of course) of writing prompts, creative process and readings, 2 yoga session recordings to support menopause and hormonal balance. All zoom sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live, but preferably you will be able to attend at least 4 of the 6 sessions in person via zoom. There will be a Facebook group for participants to share experiences and connect. If you are in need of a partial scholarship, please email me directly so we can see what is available,

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If interested and are wanting to know more about this learning and growth opportunity, please click on this link to learn more and to purchase course.

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