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My approach

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Service Description

Making conscious what is unconscious, bringing to light, what may have been hiding beneath the surface, allowing the unseen to be fully seen. Learning to tend to these parts of ourselves that we may have forsaken, denied, shunned and hidden away, and not just learning to live with them and tolerate, but learning to love them, accept them and devotionally tend to them and allow others to see them as well. The more we allow all parts of ourselves to be present and seen, the more possibilities we have of having deeper, more meaningful and authentic relationships. Returning to our senses, listening to our flesh and the language that the body speaks in sensation, symbol and emotion, remembering why we are here in the first place. Beginning to not only listen to this deep place which connects us to all that is, but, being able to express our truest and most authentic self. You don’t have to be anything but yourself. We are not mechanistic or machines, but rather, living and breathing organisms that are in relation to all of life. We are living processes, and we can learn to engage with ourselves on this path of healing, to find our inner truth and voice, the medicine that only we carry. This medicine is often the medicine that we ourselves need the most, and that we can also share and use in service to others. This medicine is often found deep within our wounds, within the hidden folds of our bodies deepest regrets, shames and suffering. To know thyself is to heal thyself. In my practice I am here to help facilitate this deep inner knowing of your body and your soul. As we begin to build relationships with the parts of us that we may have been taught to neglect; the parts that dominant culture tells us to deny so that we can continue to be productive, and be a part of the larger machine at work. Over-culture puts value on the mind and the intellect, while shaming the animalistic and honestly the most human parts of who we are and what connects us to each other and the earth, leaving us with no paths to resource or connect. In this denial, we may have accumulated shame, grief, loss, betrayal and suffering, as we have possibly played the parts that we have been taught to play, and thus denying who we truly are. We have become more and more divided not only as humans, but also within the ecosystems of our own beings.

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